Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Truly Minimalist Living

Can you imagine living in a space slightly larger than this parking spot?
Last week we talked about some really tiny flats. There's more.

Swire's Star Studios on Wing Fung Street has studio flats are only 142 square feet.

That's 10 sq ft bigger than a standard private car parking space, according to the Planning Department.

Swire has units at Wing Fung Street that are 142 sq ft
The development, adjacent to Three Pacific Place in Wan Chai, has 120 units, six of them 142 sq ft, and 60 percent of them ranging from 206 to 240 sq ft, the largest ones are 490 sq ft.

These flats will be smaller than AVA62 in Jordan that currently has the smallest flats on the market at 152 sq ft.

"Hongkongers have to sacrifice their living quality as the sky high property prices and rents have gone beyond the reach of the general public," says Pang Shui-kee, managing director of SK Pang Surveyors.

Peggy Chan, local director of Hong Kong residential at JLL, estimated the monthly rent would be about HK$90 per sq ft, which meant the tiniest flats would cost HK$12,780 per month.

But before your jaw drops further, Swire's development, that will be available in the fourth quarter, will probably be in demand because it is located in between Wan Chai and Admiralty, near restaurants, public transport and Central.

At least there are lots of restaurants downstairs to choose from
It's amazing how much developers/landlords are asking for in terms of rent, but we also have to wonder how you live in such a small space? Obviously a bed is a priority, but then what else? Where do you put all your stuff? Sounds like hard core minimalist living.

But more importantly, at what point will the tiny size of the flat be considered inhumane?


  1. I get the feeling we're both super shocked by the Star Studios announcement; hence both of our wanting -- needing? -- to blog about microflats today!

    1. Hi YTSL -- I hope other people are as outraged as we are!

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