Friday, 28 July 2017

Picture of the Day: Hot and Tired

Clear skies last night looking over towards the skyline in Central
This is a picture of the Hong Kong island skyline last night -- crystal clear, though very hot and humid.

It was very hot again today with record temperatures recorded at 34.4 degrees Celsius, and it will continue this weekend, as typhoon Nesat is approaching southeast China, though it will miss Hong Kong.

This afternoon my colleague and I went out to check out an event at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and afterwards we wanted to catch the MTR, but were frustrated by the crowd control set up.

We were directed to walk outside the convention centre and navigate around the construction site near the building which was really frustrating, not to mention very hot.

The crowded MTR station at Wan Chai at rush hour
So by the time we got down to the MTR station we thought the worst was over, but instead we saw tons of people at the platform.

That's because the Tsuen Wan line had suffered power failures, which affected all the other MTR lines, making them run at four-minute intervals instead of the usual two.

The power failure hit around 5pm, so by the time we got to the Wan Chai MTR station at around 5.35pm, we had to wait for three trains to go by before we could get on the fourth -- literally squeezing on.

Imagine being hot and sweaty on the MTR, and also tired from walking in the sun. Not a good combination, but at least we had finished our work for the week...

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