Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Savouring Roast Goose and Sunset

How can any carnivore resist a delicious half portion of roast goose?!
With friends in town it's a good excuse to hit some old favourites restaurants. A friend's son is visiting here on his own and wanted to check out Kam's Roast Goose, a perennial favourite and Michelin-starred spot.

However I was concerned about the possibility of a long line up because every time I pass by on the bus, I see a line of people outside, as well as others waiting for take-out.

Very creamy century-year-old eggs with ginger
But today seemed to be a lucky day for us. We only had to wait a few minutes before being shown a table for four that we shared with two mainland visitors. We were forewarned that all the rice noodles were sold out -- we could only order rice or egg noodles, which might be why some discerning diners didn't wait in line. Roast goose is best with lai fun, or thick, round rice noodles that are difficult to pick up with chopsticks.

While the menu is extensive, there are only a few things you need to order and for two people, there is only so much you can eat.

First came the century-old eggs (well one sliced in half) and the creaminess of the dark grey-coloured egg was heavenly. It was beautifully paired with the pickled ginger that was hardly spicy.

Silky smooth and delicious goose blood "tofu"
Next came the main event -- half portion of a roast goose. It was quite large for two, but I told my dining companion we didn't have to rush, even though turnover at this restaurant is fast, it didn't mean we had to hurry.

So we started eating the roast goose and it had a thin roasted skin on top, and some fat in between that acted as a buffer to keep the meat underneath tender and juicy. Oh so good. We slowly plowed through this dish that had beans underneath soaking up the sauce.

Accompanying our dinner was an order of egg noodles in soup, and dry egg noodles topped with shrimp roe. And to be healthy, we also had a plate of choi sum -- the other option was cabbage, which our dining companions next to us practically left untouched.

What was left of the roast goose!
We also ordered goose blood "tofu" that was very smooth -- better than pig's blood, and it came with several strands of chives. It was my friend's son's first time eating it and he really enjoyed it the texture and taste. Not something you can get in California, let alone roast goose.

After the tables around us turned twice and onto the third batch of customers, we practically finished everything! I was impressed, though quite full. The bill came to HK$512 for two, and the restaurant makes a killing as it only accepts cash or Octopus.

As it was still early, we decided to walk off the dinner with a visit to the Golden Bauhinia sculpture -- something he wanted to see -- and that also resulted in seeing a fantastic night view looking towards Central at the tail end of the sunset.

An amazing view of Central from the convention centre
Then we tried to navigate ourselves out of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to the harbourfront pedestrian walkway, but it was so difficult to get there with all the construction going on. We had to make several detours and run across roads to get to safe pedestrian areas.

Nevertheless, it was a good way to help us digest, though now several hours later I'm still full!

Kam's Roast Goose
G/F, Po Wah Commercial Centre
226 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai
2520 1110

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