Monday, 4 September 2017

Dessert of the Day: Durian Pudding

Durian pudding! This one's D24 from Malaysia served at Cafe Malacca
Yesterday we had lunch at Cafe Malacca -- and we had Hainanese chicken rice, beef rendang, mee goreng, lady fingers (okra), and morning glory. An interesting main dish was called ikan pari bakar, or stingray grilled in between banana leaves with a mild spicy sauce.

My aunt said it had the texture of crab meat and it sort of does, as you can portion it off into strips. The meat was delicious and then the cartilage is thin and can be eaten too! It was quite crunchy.

The easy winner -- Musang King from Malaysia!
After all that we were quite full, but we were curious about the dessert.

On the menu are two different durian puddings -- one is D24 at HK$52, and the other called Musang King at HK$68. We asked the server to suggest one to try, but he said we should try both to see the difference.

So we did.

The D24 one was smooth, but hands down the favourite was Musang King with its intense durian flavour that lingered.

Now we know!

Cafe Malacca
Level 2, Hotel Jen
508 Queens Road West
Shek Tong Tsui
2213 6613


  1. The durian pudding is the only thing at Cafe Malacca that I really like!

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