Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Picture of the Day: Leitai Park

In 1969 a farmer discovered a tomb dating back from the Han Dynasty. It is situated in Leitai Park, a temple that honours the God of Thunder. 

The farmers would worship this god in the hopes of getting rain to result in a good harvest.

Right underneath the temple is the tomb of an officer from Zhangye, a place we are actually going to next.

We went inside the tomb and it's made of small bricks. There are a few chambers in there and you have to bend down almost perpendicular to get through the various openings.

The most important find inside the tomb is the bronze galloping horse. It only has one foot on the ground on the back of a bird in flight. 

Outside there is a massive bronze replica, along with an army of horses and soldiers of varying heights, led by this famous horse.

The city of Wuwei in Gansu province has even adopted this horse as its logo...

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