Sunday, 26 February 2012

Canadian Culinary Creativity

Stephen Harper (left) with Laureen Harper and Mark Roswell
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apparently made a deep impression on Beijingers on his recent trip.

So much so he spawned a new culinary creation.

On one of his four days in the Chinese capital, Harper and his wife Laureen went to Yi Wan Ju restaurant in Fengtai district for lunch with Canada's goodwill ambassador Mark Roswell, or Da Shan.

The restaurant's name literally means "the home of the one-bowl meal" where customers get a bowl of soup and noodles and season it according to their taste. A bowl of noodles costs 8RMB ($1.27)

What was supposed to be a photo-opportunity for photographers resulted in new business for the restaurant with its new dish called "Harper's Elbows".

That's because the prime minister combined two dishes, napa cabbage in mustard sauce with dong po pork, which is braised pork belly or pork knuckles.

Hence the name "Harper's Elbows" or "Harper's Knuckles".

A sign is up at the restaurant introducing the dish as well as a picture of the dishes Harper and his wife ate, which included kung pao chicken, red bean cakes, steamed rice cakes with sweet filling and fried noodles.

The owner is reporting business is up 20 percent since Harper was there.

Must check it out the next time I'm in Beijing.

Yi Wan Ju
22 Pufang Lu, Fangzhuang
Fengtai District
6765 4321

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