Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pictures of the Day: Christmas @ IFC

Knitted and textured conical Christmas trees with deer
A DIY Christmas tree using balls of yarn?
After Halloween many of Hong Kong's buildings already started displaying their Christmas lights. And with the gradual economic revival of Tsim Sha Tsui East, that area is brightly lit as more and more people are coming to the area thanks to better MTR links and new places like Hotel Icon.

Following closely behind are the shopping malls, each trying to outdo the other with whimsical fantastic designs to lure people in to shop.

However, we don't quite get what's happening at IFC in central.

In the rotunda there were some conical trees covered in knits which prompted my friend to wonder, "Are these tea cosies for trees?"

Seemed to fit the description... but why?

Massive deer with equally massive antlers, with squirrels
There was also a pair of deer with massive antlers which would probably be physically impossible for them to wear on their heads.

And scurrying around the deer and trees were lots of white animals -- squirrels and foxes.

Another part of the display showed trees made of balls of yarn. Is that supposed to be creative or a last-minute inspiration? Wonder what Martha Stewart would think.

Further down the mall was a collection of very high armchairs, some in fabric, others in knits for giants to sit on, again covered in white squirrels.

The white squirrels are also invading this giant armchair...
Granted the display doesn't seem finished yet, but we seem to be missing the narrative... or some abstract festive message that combines white animals, tea-cozied trees and massive chairs.

Any guesses?

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