Thursday, 1 November 2012

Quote of the Day: Lu Ping

It seems Lu Ping likes to criticize anyone not from the mainland
Sometimes senior Chinese officials just can't help themselves and grab the bait, using the opportunity to tell Hong Kong people off.

The most recent example is Lu Ping, former director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office before and after the handover.

His latest rant?

He is annoyed that some Hong Kong people are calling for "Hong Kong independence" at protests by waving the British flag and the former Hong Kong colonial flag.

"... these guys who advocate for Hong Kong independence are sheer morons," he has been quoted as saying. "Deprived of support from the mainland, Hong Kong would be a dead city."

He also said, "Those who do not recognize they are Chinese should look at what is written on their passports or they should renounce their Chinese nationality."

Blunt words from someone who used to call former Governor Chris Patten "a sinner for a thousand years".

But Dickson Cheung, spokesman for the group called "We are Hongkongers, not Chinese" replied: "We do not even want an SAR [Special Administrative Region] passport. But what can we do?"

It is Lu's presumptuous attitude that Hong Kong must be so grateful for China's patronage that is most annoying.

He must enjoy calling us "morons".

And how does that derogatory comment help foster a "harmonious society"?

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