Sunday, 7 July 2013

In a Commercial World

All the Cirque du Soleil shows seem to meld into one in this movie
On the Queen Mary 2 there's a movie theatre and one night we watched Worlds Away in 3D. It's a movie directed by James Cameron, featuring many of the acts from Cirque du Soleil.

They are tenuously strung together by a young girl who goes to see an old school circus and watches an aerialist fall into the sand below and she follows behind him but can't find him. So the rest of the movie is about her clutching a picture of the performer and asks people she meets along the way if they have seen him.

Some of the acts include Mystere, O, Ka, Zumanity, Love and Elvis to name a few. Some of the highlights of each show are filmed in full to show off the skill of the performers, while the different angles give Cirque fans a different perspective of their favourite shows.

Ka was quite dramatic, though in light of the recent death of one of the performers in Las Vegas, when watching the sequence, you couldn't help but wonder if this was the scene where the Parisian-born woman fell to her death.

And while Worlds Away was filmed in 3D, it didn't feel like it particularly added anything special to the viewing experience, so that was disappointing.

Also because the shows were strung one after another, one couldn't help but feel it was an extended  90-minute commercial for Cirque du Soleil that never seemed to end.

So while we appreciate the artistry, Cameron didn't seem to do enough to make Worlds Away particularly memorable.

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