Saturday, 27 July 2013

Jilted Lover Seeks Revenge

Fan Yue kisses Ji Yingnan on one of their getaway trips
Chinese President Xi Jinping is still continuing his crusade to battle against corruption in the Party, but he still has quite an uphill battle.

However, he may get some help from an interesting source -- jilted mistresses, xiao san or "little three".

The latest story is 26-year-old TV host Ji Yingnan, who revealed to the Washington Post about her relationship with a senior central government official in Beijing.

She discovered at the end of last year that her fiance was actually married and had a teenage son the entire time they were together.

He lavished the young woman with cars, shopping sprees and gave her more than $1,000 in cash from the first day they met. She believed him when he told her he was working in IT, but in fact is Fan Yue, deputy director at the State Administration of Archives. He is now under investigation.

"I never imagined that the one I loved so much, the one I gave so much love to, the one who lived four years with me, would become my enemy one day," she said to the Washington Post.

On the day of their "engagement" party
She has already released hundreds of pictures online, including a video where her paramour splurged on a lavish engagement party. After dinner, he presented her a massive bouquet of flowers and had the diamond ring brought into the karaoke private room by a remote-controlled toy car.

But we have to wonder -- who's fooling who?

Surely Ji isn't that naive to think she really was in love with a man who had her as a "kept woman"?

And as a senior government official, wouldn't Fan be nervous having so much photographic documentation of their relationship? Or was this is moment of hubris to ask a woman to marry him even though he has a wife and kid? Or his mid-life crisis?

As you can tell we feel neither sympathy nor indignation. We can only shake our heads and wonder what planet these people are on.

It seems corrupt officials are still playing the "hope-they-don't-catch-me" game. They are either not taking Xi's anti-corruption drive seriously or playing with fire.

Either way we continue to be gobsmacked by how much money these wayward officials manage to embezzle from public coffers and how tacky their parties and clothes are...

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