Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sore Loser?

Hong Kong's "Superman" won't be spinning the media on Thursday
Tycoon Li Ka-shing has announced that he won't be holding court on Thursday, talking to the press after the interim results.

This is the first time in 20 years that Li will not make pronouncements that will make headlines the next day. Instead he'll only be talking to financial analysts.

Why is that we wonder?

Is it because he doesn't want to say if his company Hutchison Whampoa is giving up on Hong Kong because it's mulling selling Park N Shop, even though it's a good strategic move?

Surely he'd relish the opportunity to laugh at the barrage of media and tell them how much he loves Hong Kong?

So it can't be that.

Oh wait -- Li didn't make himself available at both the Cheung Kong and Hutchison annual general meetings either in May.

Could it be that he's still pissed off at how the media portrayed him and his companies during the dock workers' container terminal strike back in March?

Someone doesn't seem interested in taking the opportunity and spinning it to his advantage... or is it a a sign someone is a sore loser?

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