Friday, 8 November 2013

Picture of the Day: Fine Wine?

The two bottles of the evening... real or not?!
Tonight we were invited to dinner at the Shanghai Fraternity Association in Central where the prerequisite to join is that you are Shanghainese and have $$$.

The meal -- I mean feast -- included plates of crunchy jelly fish, deep-fried slices of eel, delectable sweet peas, and a "sandwich" of steamed bread with a thick slice of Jinhua ham with a sweet sauce and a slice of dried crispy beancurd that added texture to each bite.

Here's the authentic bottle...
Our host playfully boasted he had spent tens of thousands of dollars on the wine and invited us to try a bottle of "Chateau Lafite" -- and upon closer inspection there was an extra "t" in the name and the chateau label design is not correct. On further examination it had the year 2012 on it, making it too early to drink.

So while it didn't taste so terrible that you had to add Coke or 7-Up, the wine was more of the two-dimensional variety and didn't develop as the evening went on.

And I'm no wine expert either!


  1. I hope your host was joking about spending thousands of dollars on the bottles of Chateau Lafitte! And it's all relative -- compared to many people, you ARE a wine expert! ;b

    1. Yes he was joking but he probably could afford at least one bottle of the real thing! It was all in good fun. But really I am no expert! I hardly remember what I drank and it's not because I had too much to drink!!!