Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tang Basement Saga Ends

Henry Tang's wife Lisa Kuo is fined for the illegal basement in their home
The verdict is in -- Lisa Kuo Yu-chin, the wife of former Chief Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen was rapped on the wrist with a HK$110,000 ($14,189) fine for building an illegal basement in their Kowloon Tong home.

She pleaded guilty to starting construction of the basement without planning approval during her trial at Kowloon City Court, and three other defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

Originally Kuo faced two charges, but when she pleaded guilty to one of the charges, prosecutors decided not to pursue the other, deciding that one was enough to demonstrate her guilt.

This brings to an end the fiasco over the basement at their home on York Road that was dubbed an "underground palace", reportedly 2,400 square feet and featured such luxurious facilities as a wine cellar, home theatre, gym and a Japanese bath.

At the time Tang was running for Chief Executive and quickly blamed his wife, saying the property was under her name and that "it was my wife's idea and I knew they were illegal. Since we were experiencing a low ebb in our marriage, I did not handle the matter swiftly. I take full responsibility for the incident".

However, many saw through his explanation and criticized the politician for blaming his wife, and eventually was punished by losing the Chief Executive position to Leung Chun-ying because of the basement and his admission of infidelity.

Speaking of which rumours of children born out of wedlock have yet to be confirmed...

In any event, Kuo could have gone to jail for the charges laid, but perhaps the court saw it really wasn't her fault.

Now that the trial is over, perhaps Tang can focus on more important things, like making amends with his wife or drinking his massive wine collection than standing on a soapbox whenever Leung makes a mistake.

We already have many critics jumping on the Chief Executive wherever he goes.

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