Sunday, 3 November 2013

Picture of the Day: Turtles in the Sun

At Hong Kong Park, a lone turtle hangs out on his own on a rock by the pond...
Just before a family dim sum at Metropole in Admiralty, my mom and I checked out Hong Kong Park and it was quite busy with the domestic helpers having vanity portraits taken, while graduates wore robes minus motarboards, some clutching stuffed James P. Sullivan animals from Monsters University or bouquets of flowers.

Other than the aviary, another neat spot to check out in the park is the pond, where there are lots of Japanese carp, the odd dragonflies flying around, and then the turtles.

...while nine of them cram onto this one!
We saw many swimming around in the pond, but it was the one sunning himself magnificently on the rock that caught our attention. He closed his eyes and soaked up the sun's rays despite it being overcast and windy thanks to Typhoon Krosa, which raised the Typhoon 1 signal all weekend.

This turtle must have been the king of them all because as we walked further along we saw more and more turtles -- crammed onto one rock.

One in particular had nine of them -- some having no shame climbing on top of others to get a good spot.

Or perhaps they were doing the turtle version of a pyramid?

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