Monday, 21 April 2014

China's Top Guns

One of China's F15 fighter jets preparing for take off from the Liaoning
The big news today was China releasing an official training video of F15 fighter jets on the carrier the Liaoning.

In the 6:41 minute video, the aircraft is shown with its wings folded and then raised up prepared for take-off from the carrier.

Viewers can also see the pilots training by running along the beach and the lifting weights, and then getting ready for their flights. When they are up in the air, there's a quick pan of the dashboard, but not enough to get a good look of the proprietary information...

It all looks so Top Gun -- minus Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. Don't even think of having a female love interest in this propaganda clip. It's all about testosterone here.

Some of the scenes are beautifully shot, particularly those of the carrier at sunset, while the aerial shots are very cool and remind viewers of the 1986 blockbuster film directed by Tony Scott (who died almost two years ago).

However, there are some cheesy bits, like a man in white uniform whipping out his sword for dramatic sound purposes, and the dark room full of naval officers staring at their computer screens? Do they really go to work like that everyday?

Nevertheless it is pretty impressive, as China is eager to show off its "home grown" fighter jets that were put into service two years ago.

The video ends with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a state-owned aerospace and defense company. So no, it wasn't issued by the military, but the company behind the jet fighters.



  1. That's not an F15, which China doesn't have access to. It's a Shenyang J-15, believed to be based on an unfinished prototype of the Sukhoi Su-33. The prototype dated to the start of the 90s, and was acquired from Ukraine a decade later.

    1. HI Anonymous -- Interesting... does this mean we're being misled by China into thinking it has F15s? And that it was completely developed domestically?

  2. China doesn't have any F-15 because they use mainly Soviet weapon platforms. I just discovered China Norinco just supplied the chlorine gas that Assad used to kill Syrian citizens...

    China doesn't develop anything domestically, however China DO STEAL bulk of their so called 'domestic technology' with the rest from reverse engineering.

    why do you think Russia isn't willing to sell PRC China any of their current generation MiG fighters?

    1. HI nulle -- Guess I was duped by Chinese state media! But yes China is involved in the Syria conflict which is a dark stain on its diplomacy record...

  3. actually, China got caught continuing supplying weapons to Libyan gov't during the Arab Spring.

    If Iran ever got its hands on a nuke, there will be a breadcrumbs leading back to PRC China (Chinese gov't). That will also leads to nuke war in the middle east.

    PRC China is now worse than the US because China is virtually bullying all the Asian neighbors forcibly claiming the East and South China Sea as theirs..