Thursday, 10 April 2014

Picture of the Day: Alfredo Rodriguez

Alfredo Rodriguez doing his jazz magic at the piano
Just came back late from a concert by Cuban jazz pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and The Invasion Band.

They flew in this morning from Los Angeles and were in tip top condition to play at Sevva in Landmark Prince's.

I saw him perform at the piano two years ago in the same venue and this time he seemed even more creative, deft at the keyboard and lyrical. He and his band would start off creating disparate sounds that eventually would make their way to each other and blend effortlessly and eventually climax into an intoxicating blend of music that kept heads bobbing all night.

He's currently on tour to promote his latest album, Alfredo Rodriguez The Invasion Parade that he co-produced with Quincy Jones.

Check him out if he ever comes near you!

After his performance we were told Lionel Richie would come by, but he didn't make an appearance on stage. Instead we got a quick glimpse of him before escaping into the elevator and then in his car.

Oh well! The evening was definitely a memorable one!

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