Friday, 16 May 2014

Picture of the Day: Bishop's House

A bird's eye view of Bishop's House on Ice House Street and Lower Albert Rd
Last night I had dinner at Spanish restaurant FoFo by el Willy and it was a fantastic meal with fresh seafood, roast lamb shoulder, full of complex flavours and hearty tastes, washed down with Spanish beer.

Afterwards we went upstairs to the rooftop and since there was a break in the weather, groups of people clustered around for drinks and tapas.

Looking down below we saw Bishop's House on Ice House Street.

Now a Grade 1 Historic building, the house dates back to 1843 and was the residence of the Anglican Archbishop of Hong Kong. Construction of the building was completed in 1848.

From our bird's eye view the complex looks quite large, and was completely renovated and modernized from 1967-68. One would think it would be due for another update!

Nevertheless we wondered if anyone was using the building anymore and if we could go in to take a look...

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