Friday, 2 May 2014

Pictures of the Day: Hello Kitty Madness

The first Hello Kitty design from 1974. Happy Birthday!
The other day I was in Causeway Bay a decided to go to Windsor House to pick up more of those delicious green tea cookies made by iBakery. When I got to this mall, what did I see? A feline with a giant oval head and a red bow on her left ear.

I immediately contact YTSL and she just happened to be in the vicinity and rushed over.

Hello Kitty flying a plane...
Needless to say she was in kitty heaven -- and she was in good company. There were lots of people ranging from kids to women in their 50s and 60s all wanting to take photos with Hello Kitty.

Even though there were signs that said "Do not touch", they were fondling her face when posing with her...

The small exhibition and pop-up store on the ground floor celebrate Hello Kitty's 40th birthday until June 8. And the statues they have set up are mostly of the retro kind -- the cat wearing overalls, sitting on a yellow plane, and a baby version of her with Dear Daniel.

There's also a strange one of her with strawberries over her ears and on her stomach...

And behind glass cases are some memorabilia, with the oldest one from 1974 -- the date of her birth -- is a change purse with Hello Kitty sitting in between a bottle of milk and a goldfish in a glass bowl.

Inside the pop-up store are lots of Hello Kitty merchandise, from towels and stuffed toys of the cat's likeness, to chopstick designs from every year, handbags and stationary items all reasonably priced.

An antique now -- Hello Kitty change purse
Most surprising was that YTSL didn't buy anything! But she did go back again and take more photographs of her feline friend...

Windsor House
311 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay


  1. "Even though there were signs that said "Do not touch", they were fondling her face when posing with her..."

    For the record: want to point out that I was not among those fondling her face when posing with her... :D

    "Most surprising was that YTSL didn't buy anything!"

    Because none of them were as nice as the Hello Kitty items I already own! Also, I can be patient and wait -- as I'm sure more Hello Kitty items are on their way this year, the 40th anniversary of her creation! :)

    1. HI YTSL -- well I'm glad you set the record straight but I did see other people not able to keep their hands off of her...!