Saturday, 27 September 2014

More Support and More Arrests

Scholarism's Joshua Wong Chi-fung arrested by police last night
Things are still tense for a second night at the Central Government Offices at Tamar.

Last night students stormed into Civic Square by forcing the gate open or jumping over the security barriers. And then Scholarism leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung was arrested last night and held without bail.

The police are probably hoping that if the ring leader is arrested, the body is without the head, but today the Occupy Central founders arrived at Tamar to keep the momentum going.

Benny Tai Yiu-ting says that the Occupy Central movement won't start earlier, but on October 1 as planned.

Tai and fellow Occupy Central founder Dr Chan Kin-man did not think the students storming Civic Square meant there were differences between the Scholarism and Occupy group.

Police cordon off student protestors inside Civic Square
"No it is not [a split]. The students wanted to take a step ahead of us. It is like we are complementing and supporting each other," Chan said.

Today many adults joined the students, including the elderly.

Meanwhile 61 protestors were arrested Saturday afternoon, including two members of the Federation of Students, while 34 people were sent to hospital for a range of injuries. A doctor attending to people on site said many of the cases were heat stroke and low glucose levels.

A letter signed by 23 pan-democrats that was read out by Civic Party leader Alan Leong, is calling for the police to release the student protestors as soon as possible.

"Regarding the students' action yesterday night, they only wanted to get inside Hong Kong people's Civic Square. It was nothing violent. We urged the police to release all the arrested students, and open Civic Square. Give the public back the public square so they can gather and demonstrate," the statement reads.

Those who signed it include Leong, Labour Party chairman Lee Cheuk-yan and Democratic Party chairwoman Emily Lau.

However, the police will probably not release them anytime soon -- perhaps try to keep them locked up past October 1 if possible...

There will probably be more people descending on the square tomorrow, and then only two more days before the National Day holiday... it will be very telling to see how many people do show up on October 1, and how the authorities will react...

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