Friday, 12 September 2014

Picture of the Day: Idyllic Scenery

Arguably one of the most amazing views in the world in Italy
The wifi at the hotel I'm staying at seems to be overloaded and can't get on via my laptop so I'm blogging on my smartphone instead.

Today we visited Cinque Terre, the five villages in Liguria which are located by the Mediterranean.

As you can see, the view from one of them, Vernazza, is just breath-taking.

This morning in Montecatini, we woke up to heavy rain. But by the time we arrived at the coast, about an hour away by coach, there were blue skies.

There are lots of steep cliffs here and many farmers are still tilling the terraced fields by hand. It's a tough life we don't envy.

But the view! And to have a holiday home here! But then again it's no fun schlepping suitcases up hills and staircases...

Nevertheless the stunning view will be difficult to forget...

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