Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cash Debacle

Stopping traffic to pick up free cash on the road on December 24
There are still reports about people returning the cash they picked up in Wan Chai when HK$15.23 million in HK$500 and HK$1,000 notes fell out of a security van on Christmas Eve.

Three people were arrested so far (and then released on bail), and 41 people have returned HK$6.4 million, just over one-third of the money missing.

Some HK$15.23 million in cash spilled out onto the road
Police have warned that people must hand back the money otherwise they will be committing theft.

Barrister and lawmaker Alan Leong Kah-kit added: "If the persons who have taken cash from the scene volunteer to surrender it to the police in a short period of time, it is less likely for the police to charge them with theft as it may be harder to build a case."

The security van was carrying HK$270 million for Bank of China when three plastic boxes carrying HK$17.5 million each fell onto Gloucester Road.

Lots of people stopped their cars on the busy street to pick up the cash and flee, with a report of one woman grabbing several bundles of cash before disappearing into the crowd.

Police managed to recover some cash on the scene
It's funny the security guards who were sitting in the front of the vehicle didn't even notice the door was open or that the money was missing until they got to Kowloon... they probably don't have their jobs anymore, but why does Hong Kong seem to have only one security company?

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  1. actually the cash belongs to the CCP using the Bank of China as that's why the HK Police are going out of their way to get all the money back and arresting people in the process...

    wondering if the guards already knew the money belong to the CCP, then these guards will be heroes of HK...

    If this currency truck is in China, its entire load would be gone before the Police could response (similar to a truckload of crabs that spill over in China disappeared in less than 15 minutes.)