Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Picture of the Day: More Yellow Pride

A new banner appeared on Victoria Peak today
The Occupy/Umbrella Movement may be over, but some people are trying hard to keep the momentum going.

Last Saturday more yellow banners magically appeared. One on Lion Rock Hill said, "CY Leung step down", and the other on Devil's Peak read, "I want true universal suffrage".

And earlier today another giant banner was placed on Victoria Peak this time with the words, "Don't forget the original goal", referring to the protest for universal suffrage that lasted 79 days.

YTSL will probably have the answer, but how many more peaks can these mysterious climbers put banners on?

We love how they execute this with stealth and undetected, but will they be stopped eventually?

Nevertheless we appreciate these stunts that continue to give the Umbrella Movement some attention so that it does not fade from protesters' minds and in particular the Hong Kong government.

We can't wait to see what banner is hung up next...!


  1. Don't know how many more peaks those mysterious climbers can put their banners on but figure there are a lot! They've covered pretty iconic ones already though - Lion Rock, Kowloon Peak and Victoria Peak make for quite the trio, and Devil's Peak is cool too! ;)

    1. HI YTSL -- yes exactly! And there are concerns they will get caught in the act! But in the meantime it is cool to see them continuing this yellow banner crusade!