Friday, 23 October 2015

Wining and Dining

Enjoying the live musical entertainment under a giant white tent
Just got back from the second day of the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival at Central harbourfront.

It's the seventh year of the event, and this was my first time checking it out! Last year because of the Occupy protests it was hastily moved to Kai Tak cruise terminal but attendance was terrible so admission was waived and then hordes of people went -- if they could get in due to terrible logistics.

This year it's back at Central harbourfront, by Pier 10 and the giant ferris wheel and being a Friday night, the place was swarmed with mostly young people keen on sampling as much as possible and eating a few good bites in between.

Healthy drinking water -- new concept?
There was either a line to pay cash (HK$30/$3.87) to get into the grounds or Octopus; we chose the latter and literally walked in no problem. However, there was a massive line to get drink tokens.

Nevertheless, once this was sorted, we wandered around to see what we could try. There are over 300 booths, mostly organized into countries with Bordeaux having a huge presence, followed by the Italians, Germans, and then every other country like the United States, Chile and even Georgia.

Some booths focused on food, everything from slices of proscuitto, cheese, and popcorn, to yogurt and hamburgers. With the drink tokens we received a wine glass and a book of coupons, some of which could be redeemed for free stuff, like a bag of nuts (only about 10 nuts in there), and a bottle of water that even had the tagline, "Healthy drinking water" -- really?

Most of the wines we tasted were pretty good -- red, white, rose, port and dessert wine. I can't tell you which ones they were because my uncle just went to get some in his wine glass and shared it with us.

So many booths to wander and try, not enough time!
There were also talks on wine and an opportunity to buy wine accessories like glasses and wine fridges, and of course lots of bottles. But most enjoyable was the live entertainment, Chinese singers who sang both Cantonese and English songs, some in a jazzy style, others more pop and rock.

After two hours of wandering around and sipping different wines, I'd had my alcohol quota and made my way home...

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