Saturday, 9 January 2016

Picture of the Day: Charging the Ride

Charging your phone is another way to multitask on the Airport Express
This evening after dinner I met up with a friend from New York who is on an overnight layover before going back to the United States.

We used to work together briefly in Beijing and she reminded me it was eight years ago!

I always remember my Beijing years as a few years ago, but it's encroaching on the 10-year mark soon!

After our two-hour catch-up where she stayed at the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott near AsiaWorld Expo, I caught the Airport Express home.

And when I sat down I noticed there was a USB charger located on the seat rest. How novel and how thoughtful!

This was the first time I saw this in the Airport Express -- I took the train earlier and it didn't have this feature, and a few days earlier when I arrived back in Hong Kong the train I was on didn't have it either.

Nevertheless, it's good to know the Airport Express train is keeping relevant, and that phone charger is a godsend for many passengers who need a quick charge on the way. And why not charge the phone during the 24-minute ride?

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