Monday, 4 January 2016

Picture of the Day: Snow!

Many woke up to see a layer of snow on the ground this morning
Vancouver had its first snowfall of the season and year this morning when a few centimetres of the white stuff was strewn on the ground.

The branches of a mini Japanese Maple were covered white
I quickly bundled up to start shoveling the snow on the sidewalk, as I could hear a neighbour doing his civic duty, with the sound of his shovel scraping the ground.

When I got outside, the air was crisp and clean, blue skies and subtle crunch noises from my boots against the snow.

Shoveling the snow wasn't too bad, and was quickly cleared thanks to the relatively thin layer.

We went out to do some errands later in the morning, and it was half snowing, half wet snow. But by the time we got back home at lunchtime, most of the snow had melted, except for the patches were the sun didn't shine directly.

There is a 40 percent chance of snow flurries tomorrow -- if not it'll be rain.

There were many pretty scenes to take pictures of today
What a memorable trip to Vancouver this time! Snow today and a minor earthquake last week!


  1. I had snow fall on me on transit in Munich between Amsterdam and Hong Kong a few days ago!

    Has El Nino had much effect on Vancouver?

  2. Hi YTSL -- I'm not sure about El Nino on Vancouver... but it's definitely on our minds looking at how it has affected weather conditions to our southern neighbour...

  3. El Nino has made it a very, very warm winter out here in Central Canada. Temperature hitting record highs (well 10c in December is a high over here) and only getting a few cm of snow by late Christmas.

    1. Hi ChopSuey -- Yes and Eastern Canada had very warm temperatures up until recently! In Vancouver it's very hard to say if we will have snow or not every year...