Thursday, 8 December 2016

Already Endorsing Regina Ip

Regina Ip may be making her big announcement next Thursday
The race for the next Hong Kong Chief Executive hasn't officially started but it's already getting interesting.

Former Chief Secretary David Akers-Jones has thrown is support behind New People's Party chairwoman Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee even though she hasn't officially thrown her hat into the ring.

She apparently has plans to do so next Thursday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

David Akers-Jones already endorses Ip for Chief Executive
However, we have to remember that Akers-Jones backed Leung Chun-ying when he ran for the top job in 2012.

Last year Akers-Jones defended Leung's failure to to meet the target of building 85,000 flats a year during Tung Chee-hwa's administration because Leung was a cabinet advisor at the time.

Akers-Jones said Leung was "familiar with the problems of Hong Kong", but "doesn't have the art of making or causing people to love him".

How is that a good excuse?

It seems like no one in the Leung administration is familiar with the problems in Hong Kong at all -- they appear to be so far removed from the realities that average residents are going through -- depressed wages, high rents, inflation, losing jobs, crowded MTR trains and so on.

Over 500,000 people protested against Article 23 in 2003
That on top of the perceived collusion between government and developers, and nothing constructively being done about pollution, increasing waste, both construction and food, and then that big picture demand for democracy.

Is Ip the right woman for the job considering she was the security minister who tried to pass Article 23 and hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets in July 2003, forcing her to back down?

She may think she has moved on, having studied in California and returned forming a new political party.

But we all know she's probably eager to finish off what she didn't get to complete 13 years earlier...

Akers-Jones doesn't seem to have a good track record of picking good candidates...

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