Monday, 19 December 2016

Picture of the Day: Snow!

The backyard was covered in snow this morning with more flakes falling down!
This morning we woke up to Vancouver covered in the white stuff falling for much of the day.

It's so peaceful when it snows -- no one wants to go outside and so it's quiet and somewhat relaxing to watch the flakes come down and slowly accumulate to about 7cm today.

Luckily it wasn't too difficult to get around, but we spent most of the day indoors to stay warm.

Some shrubs weighed down by the accumulation of snow
Tomorrow will have temperatures well above zero and rain for the next few days...


  1. You sound happy to see snow! I, on the other hand, am perfectly happy with not seeing it -- though, as it turned out, I saw quite a bit of it in Norway when I was there two summers ago, and also on a brief stop in Frankfurt shortly after New Year's Day!

    1. Hi YTSL -- it was a nice surprise. Today was supposed to rain but it turns out to be a nice day, but higher temperatures so the roads are slushy now...

  2. happy to see snow, got 12cm where I am at the time. however, the lower temperatures turned that snow into ice making things more fun...making what you stated looking like a wuss in YVR.

    there are plenty more of snow in the coming weeks in YVR...consider going to Whistler...