Friday, 16 December 2016

Regina's Bumbling Start

Yesterday Regina Ip announced she will run for Hong Kong's top job
Ah Regina, you're one of the first out of the gate, but not many are impressed with your campaign start so far.

Yesterday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee formally announced her candidacy for the next chief executive with the slogan "Win Back Hong Kong".

But many wondered why the need to win it back? From whom?

There was also a major blunder with the Chinese version of the slogan. Trying to be clever, in the character "win" or "yeng", the bottom part was removed to put the English word "win", but then the upper part of the character is associated with death... was she making a premonition?

Critics say she has a few errors in her campaign slogan...
Apparently the English version of her platform is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, which does not bode well, nor the fact that while she was keen to give the impression she was sporty, she proposed Hong Kong bid for the 2021 National Games. But in fact it was already announced November last year that the annual athletic games would be held in Shaanxi province.

Someone didn't do their fact checking.

Other than that, during her 45-minute presentation, Ip made no effort to try to make herself more personable or friendly, talking about her background to demonstrate her motivation to want to run.

Instead she launched straight into the nine policy areas she would tackle, such as land supply and public finance, and education. Ip also wants to bring back Article 23 to the Legislative Council to pass. Good luck with that...

Even members of the audience didn't seem that enthusiastic about what she had to offer. There is also the lack of heavyweights who attended yesterday's event, aside from former chief secretary David Akers-Jones, who seems to have weird choices in who he thinks is best for the job. His last choice was Leung Chun-ying...

After the announcement, Ip took questions from the media, but eyebrows were raised when a TVB reporter asked a question in English, but Ip replied in Cantonese.

Maybe she was nervous?

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