Thursday, 19 January 2017

Finally Mr Moustache in the Race

John Tsang formally announcing his bid to become the next chief executive
Former Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah is the fourth and probably last candidate to run for Hong Kong's next chief executive.

He finally made his announcement this afternoon in Central, against a backdrop that included the words "trust", "unity" and "hope".

"If there is no trust, if Hong Kong people are not united, our young people will not have hope in our future," he said, adding that the qualities were important for the city to progress.

He said there were many people in the city who were thinking of emigrating, and this concern inspired him to run for chief executive.

Tsang believes CY Leung is on the right track on housing
Tsang described himself as a good listener, willing to reach all walks of life. And he said "inclusion" is a core value of Hong Kong.

"I'm not here alone," he said. "I'm sending an invitation to all 7.45 million Hong Kong people so that together we can make Hong Kong a better place."

He added, "Hong Kong never speaks with one tongue. Hong Kong does not just served the business sector or the labour sector."

However, he seems to agree with current Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying in finding land to build more housing. Leung's policy address yesterday hinted at exploring the possibility of building low-cost housing in country parks that led to heavy criticism from environmentalists.

But while Tsang claims to be a listener, he emphasized he would not interested in those advocating Hong Kong independence -- probably a prerequisite from Beijing.

"They flatly do not know what Hong Kong is, because China has forever been the core of Hong Kong people's identity," he said.

Who will be the better candidate, Lam or Tsang?
"A great city has a strong country [behind it]. Without Britain, there would not have been London. Without the United States, there would not have been New York. Hong Kong can become better because it is embracing a great motherland."

Yikes. Tsang really is laying it on thick.

But here we go -- the race is on. It'll be interesting to see if Carrie Cheng Yuet-ngor will win the hearts and minds of young people, while Tsang's more liberal attitudes may not inspire confidence in the older generation. He also has a bizarre track record of greatly underestimating government revenues in the annual tax budget.

Perhaps his temporary successor Paul Chan Mo-po will do a better job?

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