Monday, 30 January 2017

Warm Lunar New Year

Does a Fire Rooster mean warmer temperatures in Hong Kong this year?
Lunar New Year is usually quite cold -- well cold for us who usually live in over 20 degree Celsius weather.

Temperatures usually dip around 10 degrees and last year it went as far as 3 degrees, with snow on Hong Kong's highest peak, Tai Mo Shan.

We drag out our heaters and bundle up in puffy jackets, boots, and scarves. Some even wear ear muffs, but they are mostly fashion statements...

But today -- the third day into the Year of the Rooster, it was really warm during the day -- it was so warm and humid I wore a T-shirt -- and I even got mosquito bites while in Pui O, an area south west of Mui Wo.

By evening there was some rain and temperatures fell again, but this year is certainly a strange one when it comes to the weather.

Does it have to do with it being the fire rooster this year?

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