Thursday, 2 February 2017

Curious Observations About Xiao Jianhua

Xiao Jianhua had a preference for female bodyguards to protect him
There is now further development in the Xiao Jianhua story, with reports saying the 46-year-old billionaire is on the mainland "assisting investigations" into the stock market turmoil in 2015 and the case of a former top spy apparently.

But in the meantime there has been a lot of buzz about how he and many other uber wealthy mainlanders stay in the apartments at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. It is nicknamed "north-facing watchtower" by mainland businessmen and the media.

Some media outlets have reported that rich mainlanders trying to evade the law seek refuge in this hotel, where the presidential suite can set you back HK$78,000 (US$10,000) a night.

Xi Zhendong has been reported to stay at the Four Seasons
They apparently prefer this hotel because of its "timeless luxury" as well as its location, with the airport express downstairs and it is a short walk to the Shun Tak ferry terminal to Macau.

Some people were were believed to have stayed there include Xi Zhendong, head of technology firm Beida Jade Bird. He lived in the hotel in 2014 when another businessman he was allegedly connected to was placed under investigation on the mainland.

Another is Xing Libin, founder of Shanxi coal mining company Liansheng Energy. He also spent time at the Four Seasons Hong Kong after he heard Beijing authorities were investigating his company. He later returned to Shanxi where he was arrested.

Some others include LeEco founder Jia Yueting, Jiangxi tycoon Xiong Xianzhong of Ke Long supermarkets, businessman Su Daren, and Wu Changjiang, chief executive of NVC Lighting who spent time in the hotel to evade mainland authorities.

However, it is an intriguing fact that Xiao would have an entourage of female bodyguards ranging from two to eight.

Xing Libin also stayed at the hotel, but was later arrested
When questioned by the media, Hong Kong security experts commented it was unusual to have an entire team of female bodyguards, rather than say one as part of a team.

Bruce McLaren, the chief operating officer of Signal 8 Security, said having female bodyguards was mostly beneficial to female clients, as they could accompany them to the washroom or changing areas with ease.

He added female bodyguards can be just as strong as the men.

So the mystery continues as to the fate of Xiao -- will he be allowed to come back to Hong Kong? Will he be detained indefinitely on the mainland?

And also -- will mainlanders now avoid staying at the Four Seasons as mainland agents just plucked Xiao out of there even though he had bodyguards with him?

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