Saturday, 11 February 2017

Dining Carbone Style

The Italian hand-painted rustic plates made for Carbone come from Italy
This afternoon my friend YTSL and I headed to New York Italian restaurant Carbone for lunch. I needed to load up on some carbs for my 10K run tomorrow as part of the Standard Chartered Marathon, and she was keen to go back for one of her favourite pastas.

It was relatively quiet for lunch, save for a boisterous private party at the back, but it was a comfortable and relaxed environment.

A half portion of spicy rigatoni vodka was delicious
After we ordered, some nibbles kept us occupied -- two slices of garlic toast, four slices of salami, a small dish of large green olives, and freshly cut chunks of Parmesan cheese from a large cheese wheel.

Our starter octopus pizzaiolo (HK$198) arrived, three chunks of Spanish octopus which were meaty but quite chewy, though we quite enjoyed the sliced roasted peppers and fingerling potatoes.

Then the main event -- spicy rigatoni vodka (HK$208), with tomatoes, onions and Calabrian chilli. The server instructed the kitchen to split the pasta into two plates, saving us the trouble of doing it ourselves.

The pasta was creamy, but didn't taste heavy, and wasn't too spicy, though there was a kick in the after taste. I enjoyed it so much that I quickly cleaned up the plate!

A sinful treat in the "blackout cake" with chocolate gelato
I still had enough room for dessert, and the dessert trolley was wheeled out featuring a lemon cheesecake, tiramisu, carrot cake and what was described to us as a Black Forest cake. YTSL was interested in that one, but when it was served to us, it was more of a chocolate cake with layers of cherry mousse in between.

It was a very large slice, but we chipped away at it and soon it disappeared into our stomachs. While there were blackberries, raspberries and cherries garnishing the dessert, it would have been better if it has been topped with just cooked cherries -- they complemented the chocolate cake that again wasn't too heavy, though we did load up on the calories.

At just over HK$300 per person including service charge, it was a great lunch, nice ambience, friendly service and yes! great food too.

Now to burn it all off tomorrow...

9/F, LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street
2593 2593


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the lunch, including my favorite spicy rigatoni vodka (which I was amazed that you inhaled so quickly!). Let's eat at Carbone again some time. And before that, here's wishing you good luck for your run early tomorrow morning! :)

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