Sunday, 19 February 2017

Swimming and Dogs on Sunday

There was little fanfare about the Kennedy Town indoor pools open
I don't take the bus home often these days, mostly because of time. But yesterday I wasn't in a rush and did, only to find that when the bus passed the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool, I was shocked to see people standing outside.

It was just before 6pm and I saw a banner out front that announced the indoor pool was open!

I had read earlier it wouldn't open until April!

When I went home I checked the government website and yes -- it was open since February 9.

At left is the 50-metre pool, 25 metres on right, and jacuzzi
So this morning before a brunch appointment at noon, I rushed over to the pool to check it out.

Underneath the futuristic roof are two pools, one 25 metres long, the other 50 metres. The former looked like it was occupied with adults and children taking swimming lessons so I went over to the other pool.

While it was great to be in the pool again, it was dismaying to find nothing had been done to fix the problem of people swimming into each other thanks to no proper lanes nor separating people according to their speed.

As a result (much like my previous public pool experiences), I had to keep a constant eye on what was in front of me in case someone literally popped up in front of me and had to duck the side.I also had to pass many people because they swam so slow.

Yes, many of them were men!

I'm not used to swimming 50 metres so I got tired out quickly, but this will be good practice for me to build my endurance. In the end I swam 1,500 metres in about 35 minutes.

So many puppies asleep together, the latest addition at the top
In the changing room I overheard two women, one senior, one middle-aged, exclaim how wonderful it was to have the indoor pool open. They found the Dr Sun Yat-Sen pool in Sai Ying Pun inconvenient to get to, and so this one was a marked improvement. I hope they won't tell all their friends...

At the same time it'll be interesting to see the dynamics in the pools once the outdoor one is open too.

I still fondly remember swimming outdoors in November, when the water temperature was a bit cooler, which deterred many people from swimming outside, and a bonus was a nice tan on my back.

This little guy was very cute to meet!
After my brunch appointment in Central, I decided to walk home and took the long route, popping into stores I was interested in and then when I approached Sai Ying Pun I remembered a friend telling me about the SPCA having dogs available to pet from 3pm on Sundays.

I headed over and saw the "Adopt a dog" sign. In a makeshift pen, five puppies slept inside it. One of the volunteers gently pinched their ears but they were dead asleep. There were two dogs that were outside the pen on leashes. I got to pet one of them, a lovely mutt that was curious and very gentle, who didn't mind us patting his head.

It's too bad they are located in such a small obscure area so not many people know they are there. But it was nice to see some cute dogs and hope to visit them again soon...

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