Saturday, 6 May 2017

Picture of the Day: Is Ah Tak Up for the Job?

Can a dinosaur beat a rat in the game of rat infestation in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong has this brown blob with a big head, big eyes and small body called Big Waster, who is trying to tell people not to waste food.

It's too bad he looks so ugly because you don't want to look at him, and yet he is trying to send a very important message across to the public.

And now there's a new character in town -- Ah Tak, a dinosaur to help combat rat infestation.

Big Waster has an important message, but is hardly appealing
On the MTR I spotted this poster the other day, trying to get people to stop rat infestations in the city. The government designed the message like a video game (perhaps to enlist the help of male population?) to combat against rat infestation, but didn't explain how to do that.

But as Ah Tak is a dinosaur, is he the best creature to kick the rat's ass? While he can stomp around and growl, his little arms won't be much help in catching rats...

The poster reminded me of this week's match-up between a tai chi master and an MMA fighter, in which the former was defeated within 10 seconds.

So is a dinosaur the best creature to beat up a rat when dinosaurs are extinct, whereas rats are still running around?

Perhaps the Hong Kong government needs rethink who is the best character to beat a rat...

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