Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Pictures of the Day: Black Rain

Water rushing down two gulleys and flows to the ground
Today the weather did not look good. There were thunderstorms, lightning, and then amber rainstorm warning, followed by red and the black!

I called my contact if we were still having lunch at 12.30pm. He said, "It's inside!" But I was thinking that we still had to get there.

Dressing for the rain calls for wearing clothes that will look fine even in a downpour. That means cotton is out of the question, but polyester is definitely in. And wearing old shoes you don't mind getting wet.

Water spewing out of these holes in the wall!
But every time it gets this wet I think I should invest in rubber boots, but then the practical side of me thinks what's the point of wearing these boots three times a year?

In any event I ventured out into the rain and went to the MTR station. Right at the entrance there were two holes with water pouring out of them!

And at the other part of the entrance there was a slope with a concrete passage for water to flow down and it was coming down at a really fast pace. Turns out later in the day it was so bad that the water started flowing down onto the floor of the entrance to the MTR, creating a flood!

In the end I made it to the appointment but very wet, and after the lunch rushed to my next appointment. Luckily I managed to catch a bus that took me quickly to my destination, and after that appointment, the rain stopped for the rest of the day.

Now the sky is so clear I can see the Kowloon side very clearly. Or is it because my windows got a good wash?!

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