Thursday, 8 June 2017

Picture of the Day: Fun Art Class

Love this fun piece of art of minions hanging out by the beach!
When I walk to the bus stop to catch the bus to my office in the morning, I pass by an art school for kids.

They display their work by the windows to show off their accomplishments and entice other children to come, and why not? It looks like they're having fun.

The school is on a street corner and when I wait for the pedestrian light, I sometimes take a good look at the artwork displayed.

One that caught my eye is this mini sculpture of minions hanging out at the beach.

On the left there's one dressed up with a grass skirt and clams strung on its chest, and another lying in a hammock. My favourite part is the three minions burying the fourth in the sand and his reaction is funny.

Looking at this diorama makes me smile and reminds me to have fun, and to have a good day.

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