Saturday, 17 June 2017

Picture of the Day: Smiling Trams

Caught the tram with its smile in Central this evening
Hongkong Tramways has come up with a way to rejuvenate itself in the hopes of luring more people to ride trams -- by giving them a smile.

Almost a month ago the company unveiled the new look -- in the picture you can see the lights of the tram has a pair of eyes and nose, and a smile on its bumper.

The company hopes this new look and slogan, "Catch a Ride, Catch a Smile" not only encourages people to smile, but also reminisce about riding "ding dings" as they are affectionately called.

Even the sign posts at tram stops have this new logo of the green tram, and of course the subtle smile.

Some 200,000 passengers ride trams everyday, but the company may have to mull raising fares to keep up with rising transportation costs.

So here's a shout out to people in Hong Kong to try to ride the tram as much as possible -- it's an iconic part of the city we can't give up using.

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