Friday, 30 June 2017

Xi Urges Harmony in Hong Kong

Chinese President Xi Jinping gives a toast to Hong Kong on 20th anniversary
Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor was sworn in as the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and she promised to work hard to bring harmony to the city.

It's a tall order to say the least, but we'll see what effort she makes.

During his speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping reiterated that the "one country, two systems" governing formula for Hong Kong had been a success, and Beijing would continue to implement it without it "being bent or distorted".

Really... but we feel it's been "bent" and "distorted"... maybe from his point of view it isn't.

Carrie Lam is sworn in as the next chief executive by Xi
"New situations have arisen in the implementation of 'one country, two systems' ... but we have to understand the complicated historical root and international background behind Hong Kong's many problems," he said.

"We must not generalize on the causes, nor must we respond emotionally. It is not scary to have problems -- the key is to find solutions."

Sounds like Xi was trying to sound more conciliatory towards critics, particularly localists in showing that he was sensitive to the unique issues Hong Kong has. But the localist groups won't be buying it.

He also had some words for business leaders in that they should support Lam, unite in safeguarding social harmony to create positive vibes, care about young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow, and promote cooperation with the mainland.

The President shakes hands with Li Ka-shing
Interesting that Xi is looking to them to keep Hong Kong on the straight and narrow, but the real problem is the close relationship the government has with the tycoons, swaying everything in their favour with no foresight or interest in setting the foundation for a better future for the next generation (except their own kin).

So we'll have to see if the billionaires really take Xi's words to heart or his words are just lip service to the rest of Hong Kong.

Meanwhile former governor Chris Patten believes the Chinese government isn't following the Joint Declaration -- that is tabled at the United Nations -- that "one country, two systems" has eroded in the past two decades.

A little too late, but at least Patten is bringing it up to remind people. At least that's what the rest of us in Hong Kong believed too...

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