Thursday, 26 April 2018

Open Day in Western?

Interested in seeing what's going on inside the liaison office this weekend?
Anyone want to go inside the liaison office in Western this weekend?

Apparently they are expecting 1,500 guests, but critics say select groups will be invited.

That's too bad!

Office director Wang Zhimin, who recently visited the Legislative Council and pushed for patriotism to the mainland, invited opposition pan-democrats to come visit the office, which was viewed with lots of suspicion.

New liaison office director Wang Zhimin
He said in February the liaison office would be open to the public on a half yearly basis. But it wasn't until yesterday that it was confirmed for this Saturday and Sunday.

Tour guides will show the 1,500 visitors around six floors of the 30-storey building, including meeting and reception rooms, exhibition space showing off the calligraphy of members of staff, and even the canteen, where guests can sample some snacks, or play a round of table tennis or snooker with employees.

However, it turns out only those who were invited by the liaison office or Beijing-friendly groups could come this weekend.


This weekend the barricades will come down. Phew!
Democratic Party vice-chairman Lo Kin-hei, a Southern district councillor, said if the office was genuine about improving its public image, it should stop meddling in the city's affairs.

"I don't think Hong Kong people will believe the liaison office is sensitive to their concerns just because you can play ping-pong with them... I'll be happy as long as the office doesn't interfere with our issues," Lo said.

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