Friday, 27 April 2018

Picture of the Day: Xiqu Centre Update

Lots of metallic-like scales on the building that's meant to look like curtains
Vancouver architect Bing Thom's building in West Kowloon is taking shape. I drove by it the other day and it's quite a sight.

Called the Xiqu Centre, it's a performance arts space, which is why the building looks like both a lantern when lit at night, and curtains that are parted so that curious visitors can see what's going on inside.

The building has a Grand Theatre that seats 1,073 seats and a smaller Tea House Theatre for 200 people. There are also eight professional studios and a seminar hall for Chinese opera development.

Up close the building is made up of lots and lots of twisted scales, much like a fish. It looks very industrial from the outside, but hopefully when it's lit at night it will have a warm glow to it.

It's a pity Thom isn't here to see this building completed -- he died suddenly in Hong Kong in October 2016. The architecture firm he founded 35 years ago has also changed its name from Bing Thom Architects to Revery Architecture, in the firm's goal of striving for exceptional architecture.

Nevertheless, for me it's Bing Thom's building, his mark on the city he was born in, and I look forward to visiting it when it opens.

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