Sunday, 8 April 2018

Shock and Outrage... Over Sex

Conservatives were outraged the adult-only show was held in Central
This weekend there was the first ever adult-only carnival held in Hong Kong, featuring male strippers, pole dancers, Japanese porn actresses, and even an artist who paints with his penis.

Hong Kong has trade shows for the sex industry, but this was the debut of an event that targeted consumers and local lawmakers freaked out.

Pole dancing performances were on
City officials received about 70 complaints about 18+ Central, which was held this weekend in two big white tents in Central's harbourfront. The objections were mainly because this sex-themed event was held in a public space that is meant for families.

The organizer, Vertical Expo Services, estimated some 35,000 visitors passed through the gates from Friday to Sunday. Kenny Lo, chief executive of VES said they had received an entertainment license and complied with the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance.

"The lack of such an event in the past simply showed Hong Kong was very backward, compared to major cities in mainland China and overseas," Lo said.

One of the more vocal opponents was Executive Council member Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee.

"We don't really want any sleazy... activity to take place in the most prestigious and beautiful parts of our city, which is the harbourfront," she said.

Ip, who questioned whether the show was compatible with public morals and Hong Kong's image as a "sophisticated and clean city", was not entirely against the concept, but felt Mongkok might have been a more appropriate setting.

There was even an artist who used his body part to paint...
Now that's stereotyping! And what's wrong with an event that's being held in big tents? They are not disturbing anyone, let alone anyone's view. Last week Art Central was held in similar tents with art showing naked bodies. Is that considered obscene compared to a sex show?

Her other line of argument was that having such an event near the government and legislative headquarters was not in good taste. But that's where the harbourfront happens to be!

Obviously the staff who approved the license will be raked over the coals for this event, but as long as children cannot get into the venue, what's the big deal?

And besides, with Hong Kong's birth rate so low, this adult-only show may inspire some couples to inject a bit more excitement in their lives and have more sex, or at least learn a few tips. Not only may it lead to some babies, but also stress relief for many...

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