Friday, 10 September 2010

Enough Already

Rain, rain go away!

Ever since I got here in early July it's been raining on and off and when it's not pouring, it's boiling hot. Have I forgotten what it's like during typhoon season? I guess so.

The other day I wore a suit and later was about to walk out of the building when it was pouring rain. I waited for it to stop and then got on the tram. But before my tram ride was over, it started raining again. I had no choice but to run across the street to get wet before getting under some shelter to wait for the rain to subside. Needless to say I got pretty wet (and hot).

But today I was much luckier. I carried my umbrella all day and after meeting some friends in Central I walked home, even making a trip to the supermarket. I missed the thunderstorm and amber rain warning by only a few minutes.

Now it's pouring rain with bright flashes of lightning and angry rumbling of thunder. Someone up there sounds very angry. Did we do something? 

I was hoping to get my pipe fixed tomorrow, but it looks like the contractor won't be coming. Did I mention this before? The pipe leading from my kitchen sink has corroded. The pipe is exposed on the outside wall of the building and being on the 21st floor of a 22-storey building, the water from the pipe leaks down onto other people's washing or into their open windows...

Guess I'll have to wait yet another week. Last week the contractor didn't come because the day before it had rained and he claimed the area wouldn't be dry enough to work on.

The leaky pipe saga continues...

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