Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mid-Autumn Moon's No-Show

Well Mid-Autumn Festival 2010 has turned out to be a non event because we can't see the moon in Hong Kong. After days of rain and overcast weather, the clouds have covered it up so people are just going to stuff their faces with mooncakes instead.

So instead of shots of the moon, here are some pictures I took of last year's Mid-Autumn Festival on Tai Hang Road, where the Fire Dragon makes its appearance every year since 1880. A village elder of Tai Hang village had a dream of parading a mock serpent covered in burning incense sticks would rid its people of plague. There are some 36,000 incense sticks stuck on the 70-metre-long dragon made of a specially-imported grass.

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  1. it is great to maintain some of these old traditions in this day and age as we are more and more westernized. after all it is part of our culture.