Friday, 24 September 2010

When in Korea...

Tonight I had dinner with some people I haven't seen in nine years.

One of them is always known as the entertainer of the bunch, with witty remarks and funny stories.

He didn't disappoint: He recently went to Pusan, Korea for a holiday and was wandering around when he saw what looked like an upscale medical clinic. He thought he'd poke his head inside to see what was in there and found for the most part it was pretty empty.

But what was strange for him was seeing an entire floor dedicated to... vaginal rejuvenation.

He thought it strange that no one was sitting around in the waiting area, but we pointed out who would want others to know they were having their vagina rejuvenated?!

With Koreans obsessed with having double eye-lids, nose and boob jobs, perhaps vaginas are the next big (discreet) thing?

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