Thursday, 3 March 2011

The End of a Fairytale

Happier times in 2009 for Li and Leong with the birth of Ethan
The other fascinating news that has riveted Hong Kong people besides the fact that some six million people in the city will have HK$6,000 to spend or save thanks to the government, was the sudden split between Richard Li and Isabella Leong.

On February 26 she released a statement saying the two had gone their separate ways, ending a relationship of over three years and included three sons. A pair of twins were only born months ago.

What happened between Li, the son of Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing and model-actress Leong who was nicknamed Cinderella because of her amazing fortune to bed such a guy?

Things seemed to be a dream come true for Leong after she gave birth to their first son Ethan. She got to live in the Li mansions in San Francisco and had an entourage follow her, including five bodyguards, four full-time nannies and a personal assistant.

In recent days gossip magazines took pictures of her having fun with a man in Toronto, but Leong claimed it was a long time friend. People were also wondering if there was some kind of separation money involved because of a third person, but Li vehemently denied knowing the woman named in the media or that any "separation fee" was paid.

Oh and can we go over the age difference between the two? Li is 44 and Leong is 22.

The two met through Michelle Yeoh when she and Leong were filming The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor which was released in 2008.

"Stepping into 2011, I will also step into a new stage of my life. I have broken up with Richard Li," Leong said in a statement released last Saturday. "We had a wonderful time. We will raise our children together. Our common goal is that they grow up healthy and happy. I hope this statement will end the ceaseless speculation about me."

Apparently Leong is now in Canada and she and Li have decided on how to divide their assets (mostly his) and custody of the children.

The breakup definitively ends speculation
that Leong would become Mrs Li after having given birth to three sons.

The hope continues to burn bright for eligible single women in Hong Kong that they still have a chance to become the wife of the 16th richest man in the city...

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