Thursday, 22 September 2011

Almost Ready

An outside view of the two-level Apple store at IFC mall in Central
The Apple Store at IFC Mall has taken off the red billboard sign and unveiled its newest store which is set to open on Saturday.

Here are three views of the store, from the outside and inside as of tonight (Thursday).

Passersby check out what's going on in the store
Curious onlookers (like myself) took pictures as staff in blue T-shirts got acquainted with the store as well as all the goods from laptops to iPhones.

Apparently the first batch of lucky people who get into the store or who buy something will get a souvenir T-shirt that is supposedly worth $85.

And probably more than one will be selling them on eBay so stay tuned.

Gearing up for Saturday's grand opening

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  1. i most dreaded to walk down the glass stairs of the apple store. it is like a sheet of ice , can't see any steps. the spiral glass stairs would be another frightening experience.