Friday, 9 September 2011

The Mistress from Hell

Hopefully the cautionary tale I am about to tell will scare off men from even entertaining the thought of having mistresses forever.

On Thursday 38-year-old Ki Chun-yim was sentenced to seven years in jail for taunting her ex-lover and his family for three years.

She met the now 50-year-old businessman known in the court case as Mr X in 2006 and he was so smitten with her that he rented a flat for her in Sham Shui Po and gave her an allowance of HK$60,000 ($7,700) a month.

But when he tried to end their relationship in July 2007, Mr X's hellish nightmare began.

At first Ki asked for millions of dollars as compensation but then upped the demand to HK$120 million as a "separation fee". She told him she had his child but never showed any proof, though she does have a 16-year-old daughter studying in the UK. Ki was married on the mainland but her husband died after she moved to Hong Kong in 2000.

In court Mr X testified Ki made over 1,000 harassing phone calls and sent tons of text messages demanding more money. She even sent threatening texts to his wife and his business partners, who were named Mr Y and Mr Z in the case.

Once Ki took a triad member to Mr X's office and even threatened to kill his and daughter. She also threatened to kill his business partners Mr Y and Mr Z and their respective families.

"Ki told me she had hired private detectives to watch me," Mr X testified behind a screen. "She was able to specify what law firms or investment banks I had visited. She was also able to tell of conversations between me and Mr Y when we were in a massage parlour."

Mr X said he tried to do everything he could to stop her harassing and threatening her by going to the police, but the authorities did nothing, with the police and lawyers saying the evidence was too weak to take legal action against her. Only yesterday did the police say that Mr X's seven reports over two years was finally enough evidence to take Ki to court.

Ki's defense counsel said her fear of losing Mr X drove her to extremes and that she was mentally unstable.

One time he said she chased him down a flight of stairs with a chopper in hand.

"There was a knife on the bed," he said. "The defendant said she wanted to kill me if I refused to pay... then she went into the kitchen to grab a chopper. So I immediately dashed out of the door and ran down eight flights of stairs while the defendant was chasing behind."

He was so intimidated by her that he didn't dare refuse to see her or reject her phone calls. He was even too scared to turn her down for sex.

"Every morning when I woke up, I had already received 30 missed phone calls," he said. "If I did not return her call within 12 hours, she would threaten me again," he told the court.

Mr Y testified that Ki and two accomplices kidnapped him and took him to Shenzhen for several hours in November.

Mr X said he paid Ki a total of HK$10 million, though he insisted it was not a "gift of love" as the defense maintained. "It was out of extreme fear about her threat that I gave in and made payments to her."

But for most of the trial media observed she was very calm and hardly testified. However she broke down after her sentence was read out and needed assistance walking to her cell.

While Ki is paying the price for mentally and physically bullying Mr X and his colleagues, Mr X has probably suffered the most through this horrific ordeal.

In 2007 he found out he had a heart condition and mental issues that he believes were caused by Ki. The death threats and harassment also affected Mr X's wife, who began suffering from depression and she would hit herself and pull out her own hair.

In May 2008 she threw him out of the family home and hasn't allowed him back in since.

"My wife asked me to leave our home, not because of my extramarital affair, but because of the threat to the lives and safety of both herself and our daughter," Mr X said. "Physically I completely broke down. For three months [after the chase down the stairs], I was trembling even after covering myself with three quilts. For four months I was bedridden and was completely unable to work... I used to work 14 or 15 hours a day... My life was even more painful than dying. This was what she wanted."

So let that be a lesson to the men out there -- cheating can be dangerous to your health.

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  1. Crazy bitch got what she deserved. What an "empowered" woman.