Saturday, 24 September 2011

Picture of the Day: Legislative Council

The dome of the Legislative Council building
In the heart of Central is the Legislative Council building which was formerly the Supreme Court, a beautiful colonial-style building.

Up until recently lawmakers used to file in here to hear arguments for and against bills which for the most part were passed.

But now there's a spanking new Legislative Council and Central Government Complex on the Tamar site, straddling Admiralty and Wan Chai. It's basically two slabs of buildings connected at the top so it looks like a "window" into Victoria Harbour.

Most people dislike the building -- not only because there aren't enough public footpaths to get there, but also it creates a cavernous feel in Admiralty. As one person described it, it was like having "a Grand Canyon" there.

Apparently the building was one of those "make work" projects for Chief Executive Donald Tsang who wanted to show his Beijing masters he was completing a series of tasks during his term.

As civil servants and legislators get used to their new home, the old Legco will turn into a museum.

But before it is refurbished, I recently had a chance to go up to the roof and managed to take this shot.

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  1. a good shot,savored a very precious moment.