Thursday, 1 December 2011

Risky Business

Today is the 23rd annual World AIDS Day and condom maker Durex has released its latest findings in the 2011 Durex Sexual Wellbeing global survey.

And it seems globally people are taking more chances when it comes to not protecting themselves when having promiscuous sex.

In Hong Kong, almost 30 percent of Hong Kong men admitted to being unfaithful to their wives or partners, as opposed to 16 percent of Hong Kong women. The percentages are higher than those in Taiwan and the mainland. This is highly possible as there are many Hong Kong men who are either based in China or cross the border regularly.

The survey also found Hong Kong men have had at most 16 sex partners on average, while Hong Kong women had four. Perhaps the men included prostitutes as well...

Meanwhile in the United States, 60 percent of American men and women didn't use any form of protection against HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted infections when they lost their virginity. The number is considered shockingly high when compared to lower rates in other countries such as Mexico (49 percent) and Columbia (47 percent).

About 24 percent of American women who risked not practicing safer sex said it was a mistake they regretted.

US men claim to have had an average of 20 different sexual partners in total, fewer than Canadian men (27) or Australia (24), but more than in France (19), the UK (17) and Mexico (15).

However, American women have had 10 partners on average, the same number as those in Britain and France, but more than in Canada (9) and Italy (8).

HIV/AIDS has been around for over 30 years and after all the AIDS education we've had, people are still taking risks with their lives when it comes to sex.

And probably Durex is even more disappointed that people aren't using its condoms either...

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