Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Picture of the Day: Delicious Duck

A beautifully presented duck with mushrooms on a bed of chives
I had lots of Chinese food in Vancouver over the holidays.

The quality is still up there, but I was of the opinion that Hong Kong restaurants are more sophisticated when it comes to presentation -- until I encountered this dish at Dynasty Seafood Restaurant.

It's lo sui duck, where the bird is cooked in a watery sauce. It was then carved up and sat on a bed of various mushrooms. What made this dish even more impressive was the cooked chives that were arranged in a weave-like pattern that emulated a basket.

Marshmallow rabbits almost too cute to eat
Dynasty is a favourite among the Chinese community there, as the chef likes to mix things up with interesting dishes all the time.

For dessert we had cute little marshmallows shaped like rabbits... marking the end of the year for the long-eared creature.

Wonder what a dragon dessert would look like...

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant 皇朝海鮮酒家
108-777 West Broadway
604 876 8388

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  1. this is the dining room of hongkongers in vancouver. there is always something new and surprising in the menu.